Virginia Ship Repair News

Standard Ship Repair Employee Awards 20231. Nominee: Joseph Andrade

2. Employer: Standard Welding & Fabrication / Standard Ship Repair

3. Dept./Code/Shop: Production Department

4. Award Type: (Supervisory, Mechanic, Safety): Supervisory

5. Position: General Foreman 

6. Nomination Narrative: Joseph Andrade has been supporting the CVN program for New Port News since 9/9/2022 as a production Foreman.

During this time his hard work dedication and commitment to excellence has been pivotal to the United States Navy, New Port News and STANDARD’s mission. Joseph and his team have done what most. Companies find it impossible. They have met every deadline given by the ship, delivered. first time quality and exceeded our customers’ expectations. His leadership, company core values (DEDICATION, RELIABILITY, PASSION) and unwavering support to the mission is worthy of recognition. See Enclosure 1 through 4 for details.


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