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Welder’s Workmanship Training- NAVSEA Welding and AWS Welding Certifications

Welder’s Workmanship Training is a requirement for all welders who are qualified to the requirements of NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010-248, Rev 1, Par 5-2.3.1. They are required to be trained and pass a workmanship test every three years and at initial qualification.

Fabrication Documents

​Welder’s Workmanship Training offers an 8-hour program that meet’s all applicable fabrication documents to which your company needs. We can customize your training to cover as many fabrication documents required. See More


Understanding NAVSEA Welding and AWS Welding Certifications

Welder’s Workmanship Training- NAVSEA Welding and AWS Welding CertificationsChoosing the right metal fabrication expert can be a difficult venture. A main qualification, is to look for is whether the company, like STANDARD Ship Repair,  is able perform the necessary work needed to employ certified welders. There are mainly 2 types of welding certifications. AWS Welding & NAVSEA Welding. Though these two are somewhat similar, some metal fabrication companies might require one or even both. This would depend it they wish to perform work for the Military, U.S. Department of Defense or the Government.

The Differences Between AWS Welding vs. NAVSEA Welding

The American Welding Society (AWS) provides standards and certifications with a suite of welding codes for different materials and applications, and applies to anything being welded. The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) is more targeted, reserved for welding on the U.S. Navy’s fleet of ships, combat vessels, and submarines for the defense industry. While both the AWS and NAVSEA certifications have some overlap, they are two separate entities with their own unique requirements.

AWS Certification Requirements

The AWS Certified Welder program is open to all welders and is a performance-based test. There are no required prerequisites or certifications prior to testing. The welder’s work will be examined by an AWS certified weld inspector (CWI). To become a CWI requires extensive training and experience, including 480 hours of classroom training, passing on all three difficult and strenuous exams.

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