My Father is a successful entrepreneur and watching him grow his business over the years, was exceptionally appealing for me. He always observed committed integrity and quality throughout his organization, while his teams were continuously trained in the latest and optimal state-of-the-art technology as they grew and expanded their client services. I wanted to organize something I created and grow it into a highly specialized company both internally and externally. I stalwartly believe in maintaining the passion employees bring to their jobs. The proper treatment of employees and customers were my principal motivations then and remain completely in place today. Maintaining top-quality performance in the execution of all facets of our engagements, have been present from our organization’s inception.
From the beginning, I was committed to establishing complete customer trust in STANDARD. I thought about some of the greatest business leaders from history. Rockefeller came to mind with his creation of the STANDARD company. He did it the right way from the very beginning and I was dedicated to do nothing different. STANDARD became our name and brand to clearly represent we are the STANDARD of performance and excellence in all engagements and internal operations. We endeavor to be the GOLD STANDARD customers and community recognize and fully respect with confidence and unwavering trust.
Regarding interaction with customers, vendors, employees, and suppliers. Our internal directives are clear and succinct, and we do not believe in any unnecessary surprises for our customers to face or endure. Building trust with our customers is paramount at STANDARD. It is not overreaching to say we take abundant pride, personal and professional satisfaction with each engagement and its challenging and proper execution. Our employees are younger and very eager to continuously learn much more and grow in our profession. Communications is enhanced among our staff, while encouragement, personal attentiveness, and proper training, have always been priorities at STANDARD.

As we expand our overall operative capabilities at STANDARD, we will never abandon our core proficiencies of welding and fabrication. We built our early reputation on welding and professionally believe we are the finest firm here, doing this work today. As our technical services for client’s requirements expand, we place our matching excellence and top-tier standards on all engagements. We never settle for other’s standards, but rather we meet our own verifiable internally created formal outline of requirements, exceeding the industry’s accepted procedures for all engagements we are hired to execute. We own our capabilities. We always adhere to our Mission.

Our client is the United States Navy. We have expended the necessary time to fully understand strictly adhered to scheduled quality and safety conditions, contractual requirements, required Navy clearances and standards, compliant manuals, and a plethora of technical data of the Navy’s requirements. Meanwhile, we are immensely proud to have already invested tens of thousands of on-the-job hours executing our premium procedures on their behalf. Since we always operate at the highest level of technical engagement, we clearly understand and embrace the Navy’s commitment to their wide-ranging excellence in all facets of our industry. It never has nor will there ever be, any concerns about our work-product and complete attention to each and every engagement we undertake for our customers. We have the highest respect for the Navy’s contracting officer’s role, assigned to engage vendors. We would absolutely never place these individuals in a position of doubt or question about their vendor selection, from their superiors. Since its inception, STANDARD has never been fired from a single engagement!

During our introduction to this industry, you might say we were viewed as the “new kid on the block”. Today, we have earned our new stripes, and established a solid reputation of quality, trust, and transparency, in all our engagements. We are thorough and complete with our bidding submissions, and never allowing a potential client to question trusting our top-tier level of integrity, honesty, accuracy, and promises.
Our organization is privately held. As such, a Fortune 500 company does not own us. STANDARD’s Mission is founded on a bedrock of essential operating principles, producing a highly efficient, organized and extremely professionally managed organization. Our financial strength is rock-solid, accompanying our complete ability to achieve and successfully carry out superior functionality and process totally integrated into each and every characteristic internally and externally. We are committed to greatness, and as such, we are always looking to expand our organizational capabilities, proficiency receptiveness and daily operating functions.
All engagements are consistently valued independently, with our fervent commitment towards maintaining our organizations highest level of standards. As such, we are purposely expanding our capabilities, to attract new specialized engagements, always assuring our core proficiencies and execution will never be diminished. We fully understand we only have “one chance to make a first impression” thus we consistently strive for inclusive client satisfaction with each engagement. Our quality, production and safety team provide advanced oversight on all jobs and insures superior workmanship for all our engagements. Our wide-ranging Standard authorization foundation is validated prior to our client’s ever reviewing our work product.
Our specialized vocation space is considered essential; thus, our growth has remained 100% year after year. Keeping Navy ships in the water is indispensable to our Country, allowing us to maintain uninterrupted opportunities for project engagements. Our on-going enlightened and advanced employee training and development programs have become a major desirability for our hiring practices. We have attracted a younger demographic of professionals to STANDARD, whose robust appetite for advanced skill training is very desirous. We have become the organization to join for these superior applicants.
STANDARD has highly skilled welding and fabricators, with our own quality assurance platform to perform all required final inspections. We always strive to consistently exceed all requirements of every engagement. We completely understand the disadvantage of necessary repair time, and fully abide by one of our core mottos: “Our repair practices significantly assist keeping Navy ships on schedule, while putting them safely back in the water”.
Our industry faces unsettling turnover. Talent seems attracted to companies who have the business. While we have been in business for 5 years, STANDARD is very proud to share we have almost zero turnover, for the past 3 years. STANDARD has produced a set of “core values” from which it operates. Upon their creation, we immediately shared these core values with our staff, and hire our new employees based on these standards. STANDARD pays better, provides an enhanced welcoming and engaging workplace environment, and most importantly focuses the health and welfare of its organization on business development, sound financial management and proper treatment of its highly valued employees. STANDARD takes the time to recognize the strength and weakness of each employee and fully supports those younger employees with career development to continuously improve their certified capabilities and personal career advancement determination.
It has become very evident these past 5 years; STANDARD builds its reputation every day! Our customers are fully aware when STANDARD is awarded a contract, they GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT and on TIME!
STANDARD was recently awarded a grant from the State of California for employee training and retention. This grant will allow STANDARD to continue its advance training of employees in areas such as human resources, accounting, leadership, strengths building, project management training and structure, safety procedures and much more. STANDARDS commitment to advanced employee training is consistent with STANDARDS on-going pursuit to provide employees with the very best opportunities to excel in their professional quests and enables STANDARD to demonstrate its distinct advantages within our specialized professional space. We are uniquely different by design.
STANDARD is committed to the careful selection of highly engaged and committed new employees. During our hiring process, we clearly reinforce their opportunities to expand training skills, but clearly communicate their prerequisite to expend the required time and efforts necessary to achieve the abundant benefits of our organizations completely rewarding workplace. We believe it is a privilege to work at STANDARD, fully supported by our fervent commitment to functioning with top-tier performance, quality, and unyielding customer satisfaction.
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