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NTD San Diego-Visual Testing (VT)

Visual Testing (VT)

With proper visual inspection, you can detect and readily correct problems immediately to meet your inspection criteria. Visual Testing can be done with the naked eye, by inspectors visually reviewing a material or asset. For indoor Visual Testing, inspectors use flashlights to add depth to the object being examined. Visual Testing can also be done with a Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) tool, such as a video camera, fiberscopes and bore scopes.

NTD San Diego-Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)

Liquid Penetrant Testing refers to the process of using a liquid to coat a material and looking for breaks in the liquid to identify imperfections in the material. Inspectors conducting a Penetrant Test will first coat the material being tested with a solution that contains a visible or fluorescent dye. Inspectors then remove any extra solution from the material’s surface while leaving the solution in defects that “break” the material’s surface. After this, inspectors use a developer to draw the solution out of the defects, then use ultraviolet light to reveal imperfections (for fluorescent dyes). For regular dyes, the color shows in the contrast between the penetrant and the developer. This process is ideal for detecting discontinuities open the surface in non-ferrous, and ferrous materials such as aluminum, copper-nickel, steel, or stainless steel. With the different methods of liquid penetrant, it can be done on just about anything including welds, castings, machined surfaces, and threaded surfaces.

NTD San Diego-Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic Particle Non-Destructive Testing is the act of identifying imperfections in a material by examining disruptions in the flow of the magnetic field within the material. To use Magnetic Particle Testing, inspectors first induce a magnetic field in a material that is highly susceptible to magnetization. After inducing the magnetic field, the surface of the material is then covered with iron particles, which reveal disruptions in the flow of the magnetic field. These disruptions create visual indicators for the locations of imperfections within the material.

NTD San Diego-Magnetic Particle Testing

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

What is Ultrasonic Testing? This is the process of transmitting high-frequency sound waves into a material to identify changes in the material’s properties. In general, UT uses sound waves to detect defects or imperfections on the surface of a material created. One of the most common UT methods is the pulse echo. With this technique, inspectors introduce sounds into a material and measure the echoes (or sound reflections). Produced by imperfections on the surface of the material as they are returned to a receiver.

Top 2023 San Diego Ultrasonic Thickness (UTT) Testing Services

Ultrasonic Thickness (UTT)

Ultrasonic Thickness testing uses high frequency sound that travels through a material and when the sound hits an air interface it stops and travels back. The properties of theses sound in metal make them great for measuring thickness or deterioration levels of a pipe wall, pressure vessel wall, and plate material. It can also be used to map out internal or break in a bolt that is in service. With UTT you can pinpoint the depth of an Internal defect or accurately measure material thickness with-in thousandth of an inch.

2023 Ultrasonic Shear Wave Testing (UTSW) in San Diego

Ultrasonic Shear Wave Testing (UTSW)

Shear wave uses a high frequency sound beam that enters the material at an angle. Shear wave is a true volumetric inspection meaning UTSW can detect a discontinuity and give exact locations of the indication’s depth, length, and surface distance. The shear wave inspection process requires a highly skill operator to accurately determine an identify a discontinuity and identify the defect. UTSW is the ideal inspection process for identifying defects in materials and the inspection of welds.

NTD San Diego-AWS Certified Welding Inspector

AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

A team of well maintained AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) that can accomplish various inspections to variety of commercial codes, standard and specifications, such as D1.1, D1.5, API 1104, etc. NDT have supported work projects from planning stage, project execution and completion with the weld inspection and documentations. NDT offer auditing of Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) and Welder Qualification Records (WQR). To ensure your company's welding program complies with your customers’ requirements.

NTD San Diego

Welder’s Workmanship Training

Welder’s Workmanship Training is a requirement for all welders who are qualified to the requirements of NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010-248, Rev 1, Par 5-2.3.1. They are required to be trained and pass a workmanship test every three years and at initial qualification. We offer an 8-hour program that meet’s all applicable fabrication documents to which your company performs work to. We can customize your training to cover as many fabrications documents our customer needs.

NTD San Diego-NDT Consulting Services and Training

NDT Consulting Services and Training

Standard Inspections Services (SIS) offers NDT Level III support services that can meet your needs. (SIS) can be your company's NDT Level III and support inspection requirements as your certifying authority to ensure your compliance with your customers’ requirements. We can support and provide to training in 5 different methods of NDT with an on staff ASNT Certified Level III instructor.

SIS can support, performs audits, and provide consulting services to verify procedures, certification programs, and qualifications records are all within your customer’s requirements.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspection Services 

NDT Services or Nondestructive testing is a vital part of quality assurance. With more than 100 years’ inspection experience, Standard Inspections Services (SIS) highly certified personnel can meet your requirements.

Our NDT personnel are certified to meet the requirements of SNT-TC-1A:
• Visual Testing (VT)
• Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
• Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
• Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Our customers represent the commercial industries and government entities such as:
• Aerospace Manufacturing
• Building Construction
• Piping Installation
• Ship Building and Repair Projects

NDT Level III Consulting and Training Services

Additionally, we offer auditing services for your companies Welding Procedure Qualification (WPS) and Weld Performance Qualification records (WPQ) documentation. To verify your company is compliant with the Code or Specification your customer requires. SIS can develop, review, and assist in obtaining approval for NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010-248 and AWS D1.1 WPS.
A third-party certification program is available for companies who lack an NDT Level III Inspector.
We also offer lecture / lab NDT training for your inspectors. Learn More

Weld Certification and Testing

More services include, offering in-house welding procedure qualification and welder performance qualification testing services. We can develop welding procedures compliant with all welding codes. Standard Inspection Services can proctor hands on welding test and certify weld procedures at our facility and with our weld test area. Machining capabilities and destructive testing ability. 
SIS can procure base material types and filler materials with documentation for your test and certify a welder to a company’s procedures. 

• Certify to various welding codes or your company’s procedure.
• Turn-key welder certification/qualification!
• In-house Weld Booths to support pre-employment qualifications.
• Supply filler and consumable material with “Certificate of Compliance” requirements.
• Welding Procedure Development Capabilities
• Welding Program Management Support


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