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Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing or Non-Destructive Testing is the act of identifying imperfections in a material by examining disruptions in the flow of the magnetic field within the material. To use Magnetic Particle Testing, inspectors first induce a magnetic field in a material that is highly susceptible to magnetization. Inducing Magnetic Field After inducing the magnetic […]

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Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing refers to the process of using a liquid to coat a material. And then looking for breaks in the liquid to identify imperfections in the material. Inspectors conducting a Penetrant Test will first coat the material being tested with a solution that contains a visible or fluorescent dye. Inspectors then remove any […]

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Visual Testing (VT)

With proper visual inspection, you can detect and readily correct problems immediately to meet your inspection criteria. Visual Testing (VT) can be done with the naked eye, by inspectors visually reviewing a material or asset. Indoor Visual Testing For indoor VT, inspectors use flashlights to add depth to the object being examined. VT can also […]

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